Friday, February 18, 2011

Upcoming Fiction Collection!

Tonight, I find myself with free time because I finished all my CISSP class slides early. So, I started piecing together my new collection of fiction. I've decided to include everything I've previously published, as well as a couple of new pieces that have a similar flavor.

So, I've cobbled together nearly all the stories but one. As I review them for inclusion in the anthology, I have to say I'm proud of these things I've created. My babies. I've nurtured them from infancy to full-grown idea and to this day, when I read them, they still make me proud.

I'll release some more information when I have it but, for now, keep your eyes peeled for an announcement here.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Readin' and Writin' Tools

The one on the top is what I read with. The one on the bottom is what I write with.

Up top: a Pandigital Novel running Android with Aldiko reader. Might very well be the best e-reader for those who like all things Android.

Below, a pocket-sized Pinnacle notebook I keep on me at all times. My own private brain dump. It's where I work out the ideas I've saved from oblivion in Evernote.

These past few weeks, I can't live without either. It's really turned into one of the busiest times of my life and I find myself still pummeled by good fiction ideas along the way. Got a place to write 'em. And with the PDN, I've torched my way through like 3 novels over the past few weeks (an unheard of feat, normally).