About Me

In 2000, I entered two short stories in The Garden State Horror Writers' Association's annual short story contest. One story took Second Place and the other won the Graversen Award for that year. I was informed that no one has ever taken 2nd and 1st place together. After that, I was off and running.

I've placed fiction in a bunch of outlets including print anthologies such as TALES FROM A DARKER STATE and DARK NOTES FROM NJ as well as web outlets like HORRORFIND.COM (under Brian Keene's helm) and the IN A FEARFUL STATE e-anthology from the GSHW.

I currently reside in Central New Jersey where I split my time between my family and my writing. I've written several novels, all of which will be published in the next year or so from Screaming Aphony Press, which has led me to spend my free time like this:

(Like the clown?)