The Books


Chance Fordham is offered a dream job: a six figure salary and a house in an exclusive neighborhood filled with his coworkers. With no more debt to speak of, this job sounds like a dream come true for Chance and his wife.

But soon, what started out sounding perfect degrades into a horrifying microcosm of terror. His neighbors aren't what they seem. The Company is hiding secrets that should best stay hidden. His job is not what it seems. And Chance's marriage is falling apart.

The Company is evil.

He just never knew HOW evil.

The Corrupt

Hell is a gunslinger giving chase to a dark entity named Kelsis across the Arizona Territory of the 1800's. The chase has brought Hell to the town of Rehoboth where all is not exactly as it seems.

Dark Notes from NJ

An anthology of dark tales based on songs. Features my story, "Gone", about a boy who wants a very special visitor for Christmas, based on a Fountains of Wayne song.

Tales From A Darker State

An anthology which contains my short story, "Merchants of Penance". Published by the GSHW.

In A Darker State

Anthology published by the GSHW, which contains my creepy story, "The Interview".