Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Havin' Fun with Amazon...

So, last week Screaming Aphony Press released both my novel, The Takeover, and my brand new short story collection,The Whispered Voices Screamed The Truth, on Amazon for the Kindle.

For those of you who are considering publishing your work this way, I highly recommend it.
It is really the most informative publishing service around. Smashwords is great and works well for barnes & noble and other bookstores. But they're sales info lags (which isn't a criticism, I know that's just the way it works) and Amazon's numbers are very nearly real time.
If you're looking for a good way to track your sales, Amazon is a great way to go.
Furthermore, their sales are international. For example, I have had sales from AmazonUK. An audience, im sorry to say, I hadn't considered before.
Im very happy to have them, I simply never considered selling books to an international audience before.
Overall, amazon's publishing service is cool stuff.

On a side note, I've worked out plot kinks in my next novel and am at work tweaking some already existing material. If you liked The Takeover, you're going to be a fan of the next book.
Trust me.

As always, be good, Friends

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